Features Include in iWeight (The Automated Weight Recorder )

iWeigh module helps to record green leaf intake at the weighing point with other details such as supplier ID, date & time, No. of bags/boxes, bag/box-weight, leaf condition etc which are very useful for manufacturing process and even when paying for the supplier. As the PC is connected to a compatible scale via a communication cable, iWeigh system detects the weight placed on the scale at its change of the state of scale and alerts the user that it is ready to take the input from the scale. User intervention is required at some points for inputting other information such as leaf quality, water content etc.

This module can generate and send SMS’es to a nominated phone number by pressing a button at any time for the convenience of the decision maker for taking other management measures regarding the rest of the manufacturing process. iWigh system’s output can be retrieved to iTea for handling payment information of the supplier.

Features Included in Weighing Software (iWeigh)