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Features Include in bought-leaf Software (iTea)

iTea handles all bought-leaf recording and processing functions using the computer. . . .

From recording all basic records such as supplier details, banks, currency type additions/ deduction categories, weight type deduction groups, Item details etc and recording transactions such as daily green leaf supply by suppliers, loan, manure, advances and other issues to suppliers, to producing all listings reports and all other management information or statistical analysis and graphs upon data, include the main functionality of the system. As hassle free software, iTea has proven its ability to handle all the functions relating to green leaf buying process in tea manufacturing industry, accurately and on time. iTea can be integrated/ can directly deal with iAcc, the ultimate business accounting tool comes from the same family, to produce and automate combined functions of both bought-leaf and accounting using the computer.

All outputs i.e. listings, reports, graphs etc produced by the system are possible to view on the screen and also to print via the common print option. As the output is generated into a Unicode text file, it could be retrieved through most of the basic programs available today for further functions of the user, like e-mailing.

iTea is user friendly; compatible with IBM and compatible machines; runs on Windows 9x/NT platforms. With these compatibility, common usage and operations, using iTea is easy and takes less time to learn and operate.

You could enjoy using iTea and do your work better with it.

Features Include in Green Leaf Purchase & Recording Process Control Software (iTea)