About iAcc

Features Include in Integrated Accounting Software (iAcc)

Upon entering / importing basic transactions, all other statements are readily available. Obtaining such statements are as easy as few mouse clicks. All those management information is available upon several criteria such as specifying transaction number scope, transaction date scope, with/without opening balances etc.

iAcc handles all accounting functions using the computer . iAcc stores basic data such as accounting structure, customer/ supplier information, item details etc and records day-to-day transactions such as cash book entries, receipts, payments, journals, purchases, sales etc according to typical accounting procedure. iAcc produces audit trail and all other management information such as cash book, journals, ledger accounts, trail balance, profit / loss statement, balance sheet, account notes etc at variety of criteria that user can specify. Also iAcc includes assets register, cash flow statement, bank reconciliation and comparisons between actual and budget figures.

iAcc has proven that accounting using the computer is systematic and easy, faster and accurate than gathering information manually while going through variety of manual processes.

Using iAcc, user can handle accounts of several accounting periods together with current accounting period. The program provides the facility to select any available accounting period simply and have the required past reports easily.